Alison Demeter

Singer, songwriter, storyteller. Western, Celtic, folk. Calgary based performer Alison Demeter is grateful for the opportunity to once again connect with and celebrate her Scottish, English and Irish ancestry in story and song.

Alison Demeter & Doug Baker

Doug and Alison offer voices and instruments woven into interesting arrangements of original and familiar songs. Their vocal harmonies and complementary guitar stylings create full and engaging musical offerings.

Alvin Moore

Fingerstyle Guitarist Alvin Moore plays instrumental Celtic, Bluegrass, Spanish, Jazz, Pop and music from around the world.  He performs at folk clubs, corporate events, festivals and weddings.  Simon Larouche will be joining him on the Conga drums. 

Alyse McLeod

Alyse McLeod is a Cree/Métis Visual and Performing Artist. Alyse reflects her diverse roots going back to contact and beyond and can trace her heritage in all areas of Canadian history. Alyse is a direct decendant of the McLeod’s, McKenzie’s and Campbell’s. Proud to be Métis is a banner she proudly waves, as she shares this ancestry with the Riel and Dumont, families to only touch on a few. Alyse is a descendant of the great surveyor Peter Fidler; the Pauls’ and Deschamps’ of Passpasschase Reserve; the Fletts; the Bears; the Brazeaus; Boyers of Muskeg Lake Reserve; and the Mohawk line of Marie Nippissing and Thomas Gray from St. Regis Reserve (Mohawk Indian Reservation, Franklin County, New York, USA), “Keepers Of The Eastern Door.” Alyse can also trace her roots to those who fought at the Battle of Seven Oaks; the Métis “Resistance” in the Battle of Batoche; Veterans of WWI and WWII; to the Filles du Roi; and Jacques Enaud dit Canada, one of the founding families of New France. Alyse’s intriguing heritage is reflected in her work as a Métis recording artist, singer/songwriter, actress, visual artist, and author. Alyse has been featured on APTN and on radio, performed and/or spoken at numerous concert halls, theatres, Universities, “Back To Batoche Days”, Festivals, and the Calgary Stampede to name a few. Alyse founded Blue Lantern as a direct result of her own needs as an artist and performer. Her vision provides other artists with a way to present their work and achieve their goals. With the creativity of the "Artist’s Soul,” Alyse melds together the passion and romance of the story and the song. It is from this "Artist's Soul" that she is aware of the challenges and obstacles that are intertwined in the pursuit of a dream.

For more information please contact: or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Amité - an old French word for harmony, the group based in Calgary consists of Nobuo Kawaguchi and Leslie Fillion. Well-versed performers, they have joined in harmonious collaboration to arrange some of their favourite Celtic, folk and pop tunes. Come enjoy their vocal harmonies and distinctive renditions of some oldies and newbies!

Angel Voices

Angel Voices are an auditioned vocal group of 10 women. Their many years of singing together enable them to achieve rich harmonies, alternating with well blended unison and heartfelt performances. They will present a program of Celtic, traditional and gospel songs. Angel Voices regularly perform a range of challenging choral repertoire from early Renaissance to contemporary gospel at St David’s United Church worship services. If you are interested in being a part of the choir, please contact Brent at 403-284-2276 Ex 106 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aviana Trio

Paul, Elizabeth and John-Ross are accomplished teenage musicians with over 3 years of experience together. They have performed for weddings, receptions, and festivals in Calgary with music ranging from Western Fiddle to Celtic. Enjoy their lively, enchanting music that puts a bounce in your step.

Barb and Val Olorenshaw

Val started playing in churches at age 14 - looks like she's still doing it today!  She’s a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for unique songs.  She’s a retired nurse and an incredible mom.  Barb started playing fiddle at age of 5.  She joined the Calgary Fiddlers and went on to play in many other bands.

Barry Luft

Barry Luft’s singing has woven rich, colourful threads into the fabric of folk-style music in Alberta for more than fifty years. Barry presents Canadian, British and American songs and ballads with instrumental accompaniment or acappella arrangements. Good times leave good memories. However, to this day Barry claims he’s not able to read music well enough to hurt his playing.

Binn Garvey

Binn Garvey is Suzi Martin and Murray Fitch, friends and collaborators on banjo, guitar, uke, percussion and more.  Suzi was twice a finalist in the Calgary Folk Festival songwriting contest, and Murray is a 2017 winner in the same contest (now run by the Ship and Anchor). Binn Garvey sets are a mix of originals and covers ranging from traditionals to folkified pop and blues. Be prepared to sing along!

Musicians:     Murray Fitch, Suzi Martin

Blue Cicada

A love of banjo and folk music ignited a friendship, while sarcasm and snark cemented a band. Blue Cicada is Amy Cronk and Mike Crampton: two friends who enjoy robust bantering and strong musical camaraderie, working together to create soaring harmonies and interesting arrangements of folk, roots, and country originals and covers.

Bob Chartier

Bob Chartier, a true late bloomer, has been singing just through the sixties… his age not the famous decade.  He found his buried voice at FAMI camp and for the past half dozen years he sings every day, has written over 100 songs and has performed in venues such as the Ness Creek Bluegrass and Old Tyme Festival, the Water Valley Festival.  He was one of the founders of the Music Mile project that saw a music district formed in the heart of Calgary. ( He hosts the Songwriters in the Round at the Gravity Café on the Music Mile in Inglewood.  He has a number of music accomplices (The Coffee Row Orchestra) who try to make him look good… Bob is a singer songwriter and performs many of his own songs as well as a variety of Roots/Americana type songs.  He is partial to gospel but stops at taking up a collection…

Brian Sullivan

First instrument was piano, but easier to haul around guitars, harmonicas, and assorted noise-makers (no, not kids!), song-writing, satire; finger-picking;  been demonized for changing words to familiar tunes a la Weird Al. Various musical genres, from classical to pub songs. Never been east of Newfoundland, but that could change soon!

Brian Volke

Brian Volke has been playing guitar since the age of nine. Inspired by the Monkees he wrote his first song in Grade Three. Since then his musical wanderings have led him through rock and country and into Celtic folk and back to rock again. He is the lead singer and main guitarist for the roots band My Son Ted, Their most recent CD is entitled “Carmel’s Parlour”.

Brian also likes to play solo and has found his songwriting to be going in all sorts of different directions. He’s been practicing to be a good flatpicker and writes quirky songs about who and what he knows.

In his musical lifetime Brian has performed at the Regina Folk Festival, opened for the Irish Descendents and the Chieftains, and best of all, has been backed up by Rik Emmett of Triumph. Ask him about that experience!


Caiseal (noun, Irish Gaelic)
   Pronunciation: “C0SH-ul”
1. Stone fort
2. (chess) rook, castle
3. Band name of a trio of musicians living and performing songs and tunes in Calgary, Alberta. All hail from different parts of Ireland: Simon Colgan (guitar, whistle) is from County Down, Anne Cowman (accordion) is from Meath, and Greg O’Neill (bouzouki, banjo) is from Waterford.

Calgary Burns Club Choir

The Singers are all members of the Calgary Burns Club, who sing the songs of Robert Burns and other traditional songs of Scotland.  We perform at Burns Club functions, seniors residences, Spruce Meadows and various other venues, and to date the group has put out 3 CDs. The backing music is recorded on CDs under the direction of the Calgary Burns Club and the group, which numbers up to 25 singers, is lead by Ron Pratt.


Bonnie Gregory, Tami Cooper, Steve Bell, Andreas Illig and Mark Arnison hail from Edmonton, carting along their fiddle, flutes and whistles, accordion and piano, guitar and bouzouki, bodhran, percussion and voices to serve up some fine traditional and contemporary Celtic music from all over!

Celtic Broadcasting co-op

Celtic Broadcasting Co-operation is a string group from Calgary that approaches chamber music style as they interpret the instrumental music of Cape Breton artist, Otis Tomas, and his opus entitled The Fiddletree

Steve Wright (proprietor of Calgary’s Vintage Music) plays mandolin, Orlando Agostino (our Australian import, and regular on the Calgary music scene) plays guitar, and Cathy Checora plays cello.

Ceòl and Friends

Emphasis is on Celtic melodies and songs (ceòl – Gaelic for music) along with other favourites.  Ceòl’s members and friends are Dave Foster (vocals and keyboard), Loretta Butot (recorders);  and on fiddle: Ray & Faye Brown, Ken Scott, Michele desRamaux and Barbara Francis.

Christie Simmons

Christie Simmons is singer/songwriter whose original songs seek to capture the mundane and the magical and give voice to the soft underbelly of life. As a long-time piper she can’t deny Celtic undertones in her music. But it’s primarily the genius of contemporary writers along with strong, intelligent lyrics and raw melodies of the roots/Americana world that inform her songwriting today.

Colin Peters and Doug Baker

Colin Peters (fiddle and vocals) and Doug Baker (vocals and guitar) starting playing music together in 2005 for the Water Valley Celtic Festival and have enjoyed collaborating ever since. Their repertoire ranges from old traditional tunes to relatively new songs. Whether ancient or recent, their music is inspired by tradition and has a timeless quality to it.

Confederation Park Ukulele Group

Our numbers have grown as this pastime is becoming very popular. We now number some 60 Strummers in our group. We play out of Rosemont Hall in Confederation Park.

We play and sing songs from many genres but mostly the happy songs that people can sing along with.

Our members are:  Rick Staple,  Rj Murray, Suzanne Tenold, Ellen Yeung, George Yeung, Ron French, Pamela Bazinet, Margie Gravel, Gerard Gravel, Linda Rainey, Lynn Whittingham, Judy Ries, JJ Jensen, John Burgess, Nora Maidman, Dee Stephanson, Shari Berridge, John Robertson, Angus and Chris Campbell, Sheila and Jerry Anderson, Fae Ericksen, Lyn and Hal Tonkin.

Copper Junction

Copper Junction presents an original look at Celtic music. Almost all their songs and instrumentals are originals. Band leader is singer/songwriter Carolyn Harley who shares her adventures in Ireland and the Maritimes through story and song. Craig West plays fiddle and sings harmony; Robb Mann plays mandolin and sings harmony. Joe Harley holds everyone together on bass. They have been together five years this spring and love every opportunity to perform. Having fun is always a big part of their music.

Dan Mills

Dan Mills is a multi-instrumentalist and singer from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Raised on the likes of Great Big Sea and Ryan’s Fancy, Dan’s repertoire has since expanded to include a wide range of musical styles and traditions. As both a solo musician and a member of various groups, Dan has performed across Newfoundland, Ireland, and, most recently, Alberta. Dan currently lives in Calgary where he can be found playing tunes at The Oak Tree pub or jamming with the indie roots group, Long Jon Lev.

David Foster

Dave Foster performs solo, with Ceol, or the Prairie Mountain Fiddlers. Song and tunes for Appalchian dulcimer or guitar range from the serious to the silly. Enjoy.

David Settles

Dave Settles, nineteen years ago the originator of the Water Valley Celtic/Folk festival.  This year going solo bringing songs from the High Plains of Kansas which in reality is just songs from his youth.  Voice and drum with maybe an odd story.  If there is a story it will be odd.

Derek Lofthouse

Northumbrian small pipes and hurdy-gurdy.
Playing music from central France and the Scottish/Northumbrian borders.


Diminished Fifth

Diminished Fifth (Karen and Michael Pollock, Natalie Manzer and Steven Méthot) have been taking festival audiences on an eclectic musical journey for over 15 years.  Close harmony arrangements of music from across the Celtic lands and beyond.  This year?  Appalachian Celtic, protest songs and singalongs in languages you don’t speak.  Bagpipes, Banjo and more…

Eric Coyle

Scots Traditional ,Glasgow street songs and Burns poetry, visiting Seniors homes and enjoying doing it, many thanks, cheers.

Father Married Cousin

Father Married Cousin consists of brothers Tim and Ian Babey picking mandolin and banjo respectively, with long time bass enthusiast Bill Innes bringing up the bottom end. Playing a variety of styles including celtic, bluegrass, folk and even a little rap, they'll throw in some original music, cook up a couple of smokin' instrumentals and probably attempt a couple of jokes while they are at it. Nothing is guaranteed.

Fromage Chaud

FROMAGE CHAUD is a duo featuring Linda Kitchin and Darcy North.  Linda is a dazzling string player on mandolin and violin. Darcy is a virtuoso accordion musician and together, they are an excellent choice for any event.
This duo has already had a number of interesting performances:  playing at several festivals including Beakerhead, at the Centre for the Performing Arts, East Coulee Springfest, the Chinese Downtown Street Festival, Marda Gras, Water Valley Celtic Festival, clubs and cafes, numerous private parties, weddings and other venues where they showcase their incredible repertoire of world beat, traditional, jazz and old time music.

Gan Ainm

Playing music from the British Isles, Western Europe and the east coast of Canada, Gan Ainm are: Karen Pollock – flute, Katja Hoehn – flute, Kathy Pepers – harp, Doug Baker – Guitar, Chris Gregg – fiddle, mandolin and northumbrian small pipes, Michael Pollock – fiddle, Derek Lofthouse – hurdy-gurdy, northumbrian small pipes, accordion and flute, Steven Methot – bodhran.


George Lyon

Time, tide, and the accident of what the statisticians call birth have conspired to provide us with a tradition barely ours and hardly its own. Music, if it has a mind to, can sing about things like that, and maybe set one or two of them straight, yes? -- Richard Fariña, Celebrations for a Grey Day. 1965

[Emphasis added].

Get Reel

Hailing from the East Coast of De Winton and the North Shores of Calgary, our crew will explore a lively set of songs and tunes from the Maritimes, Folk and other Celtic traditions. We’ve regularly performed at venues in Calgary, and all the way from High River to Water Valley. Get Reel is Doug Wagner (vocals, bodhran, guitar and fiddle) and Greg Black (vocals, guitar, electric bass and octave mandolin). When the fog is just right you can hear almost hear the waves, smell the ocean, and see the shipwrecks.


Grumpy Irish

We are a group of performers from the Rocky Mountain house area.  This will be our first musical performance as a group.  We have members of the haymakers group joining us hope you all enjoy the show.

Horizon Ridge

Horizon Ridge is a group of four fine singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists who blend rich voices and diverse musical backgrounds to bring passion to original and cover songs ranging from traditional and contemporary folk, country and blues, to gospel, and a cappella.  The band has played in festivals, music clubs, coffee houses and house concerts in Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, the U.S. and U.K.

They released their first CD, Enough is all you need in July 2016, and are excited to bring some new songs to Water Valley this June!  


Inisheer is a “celtic and eastern” band playing traditional Celtic tunes and songs tempered with Down East songs and step dancing.  Named for the smallest of the Aran islands off Co. Galway we are: Tara O’Sullivan (vocals, keyboard, and tap shoes), Doug Wagner (vocals and fiddle), and Greg Black (vocals and guitar).

Jake Ian with Will McCarty

Jake Ian released his 6th album in January of 2017 to rave reviews across Canada. A seasoned songwriter and performer, he will be joined by Will McCarty on acoustic guitar.

Jeff Stockton

Jeff Stockton is a Celtic harpist, singer & storyteller.  Since 1997, he has traveled near and far, nourishing the imagination of thousands of listeners.  He has performed nationally and internationally.  An award winning recording artist, he has released 4 recordings of his work with song and story:

'Sacred Ground' - Instrumental and vocal music

'Beneath the Boughs' - Gentle instrumental music for harp,cello and violin

'Wisdom of the Woods' - An award winning storytelling recording.

"Between two Lights" -  Instrumental and vocal music


Jeff's website can be found at


Jim & Lynda McLennan

Impossible to categorize, a McLennan performance includes fingerstyle guitar instrumentals from Jim (many from his WCMA-nominated  CD, Six-String Gumbo),  plus Lynda’s “folkafied” vocal interpretations of standards like Fly Me to the Moon, along with the occasional trip into the world of R&B (acoustic, of course).

Joal Kamps

Joal Kamps are a free-spirited husband and wife duo who are deeply passionate about connecting with people through music and laughter. Based in Calgary, Joal and Lauren Kamps blend storytelling with songwriting to create “Rocky Mountain Folk-Pop” songs inspired by Canadian history, rocky mountain folklore, and their own personal journey.

Joal and Lauren recently rebranded into 'Flint & Feather' and you can find out more information at:

John Leeder

John Leeder has been making music for over 60 years, playing clawhammer-style 5-string banjo for over 50 years and octave mandolin for only 35 years. His repertoire includes traditional Canadian, British and American music, and originals in that vein. He is Honorary President of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music.

Kathy Pepers

More than a decade ago Kathy Pepers fell in love with the Celtic harp and Celtic music.  Since then she's appeared at various concerts and clubs, both on her own or along with the Celtic band, The Jig's Up, and has had the great pleasure of playing with folk/Celtic artists Maggie Crystal and Barry Luft.  Her greatest joy is sharing beautiful music and (hopefully!) bringing a little sense of peace.

Ken the Whistle Guy

Ken Persson has been playing whistles since the 1970's, has taught whistle for continuing education programs and at music camps, and has played whistle in various Celtic (and even Scandinavian) bands. He is happy to be accompanied at this year's Water Valley Celtic Festival by guitarist Mike Barry.

Lucid Diversity

Dave Bradt first became smitten by banjo. A chance meeting with a Dobro student changed everything. Now, the Resophonic guitar is his mainstay.
Brian Howe started playing guitar when he was 14 after hearing the Kingston Trio and got hooked on folk music. In the late 1960’s he played in a group and toured professionally for a time.
Brad Tomlinson is a late in life player having picked up the guitar at age 46. Brad loves guitars and is known to have G.A.S. ( Guitar Acquisition Syndrome ).
Carol Bloor, grew up in New Brunswick and took piano and classical guitar lessons. Carol is mining the wealth of folk and bluegrass from the 1960s forward.
The members of Lucid Diversity love to play all kinds of acoustic music including: country, celtic, bluegrass, traditional, blues, rock, pop and folk.

May Bees

A Family Group that sings and plays together. Beverly, Brandon, Evan, Heidi and Maybe Timothy, Heather and Megan. Guitar, fiddle, autoharp, shepherd's harp, ukulele, and boom whackers and Maybe penny whistle.

Men Folk Singing

Men Folk Singing

Mike Barry

Mike Barry cut his teeth at the Barleycorn Folk Club in Cape Town. His musical influences include Celtic, folk, blues, jazz and various southern African styles. He has been in Calgary since 2002, playing with various jam groups around town and with the Prairie Mountain Fiddlers.

My Son Ted

My Son Ted?  Ted Zeppelin?  My Three Sons?  What’s going on?

My Son Ted melds calypso with ceilidh and roots with rock.  Led by guitarist Brian Volke, the band continues to feature Christie Simmons, Colin Peters, Shawn Kingston, RJ McConnell and Brad Uphill.  Check out My Son Ted’s new album, Carmel’s Parlour.

Noises from the Basement

Noises From the Basement are Gerard Curley, Kevin Poier, and Stuart Miller. They made a great deal of noise in community theatre for several years before deciding to stand together with guitars in hand, some eight years ago. They perform a mixture of original and cover songs, straining for 3-part harmonies and hopefully some tasty licks. Come and sing along, and maybe together we can make some beautiful noise. 

Nora Maidman

Nora plays a number of instruments including mandolin, octave mandolin and flute as well as singing. She will be playing and singing  a variety of Celtic songs as well as one or two original compositions.

Norm Walker

Norm Walker is an eclectic acoustic "story-singer" and song and tune writer who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Original and non-original song themes, include (but are not limited to) urban legends, electrical theory, the Saskatchewan prairie, gardening, seasons, apostrophe abuse, literature, politics, community and family.  Writing and playing mandolin tunes is a favorite past-time.  He also sings many old-songs from the days of the 78s and before.   Guitar, mandolin, strum-stick or just a capella voice are the instruments of choice.  Throughout all, Celtic music is one of his main cornerstone points of reference.  Paddy Tutty will likely be joining Norm for his short set.


Two CDs released:

"T" Time - Time Tested Tales, Tall and True - 2002

Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts - 2011

Pam and the Boys

...coming soon.

Poor Boy

Authentic acoustic, Roots and Blues, Country and Bluegrass with the occasional original song inspired by life on the prairies is what PoorBoy brings to the stage.

Don Gowan (guitar,mandolin,vocals) and Audrey Gross (guitar,mandolin,vocals) have been making beautiful music together since 2014 and this year are excited to have added Bob Etcheverry (Bass, Dobro) to complement their sweet harmonies and fine musicianship.

Prairie's Edge

The band was formed in August 2010 after winning the Shady Grove Bluegrass Idol contest. Their wide range of experience brings a fresh approach with strong roots in bluegrass. The Boys have converged from across Canada to establish the sound of Prairie's Edge.


Boh Woodward / Bass
Bill Jackson / Mandolin & Vocals
Brian Fukushima / Banjo
Rick Gerrior / Guitar & Vocals
Bruce Rohn / Fiddle & Vocals

Quantello Strings

One happy, musical, family.  Calgary-based Quantello Strings enjoys injecting a sparkle of joy into their Celtic Fiddle. Currently, at ages of 6, 8, 12, 12, 15, 17, they regularly gather compliments on their music’s character, quality and spirit.

Info at


Rocky Mountain Rappers

The "Rocky Mountain Rappers" is a team of Sword Dancers demonstrating the dancing style created by the Coal miners of North Eastern England.  They can be seen at various venues around the town.  Dancers are Michael Pollock, Fred Burns, Rob skeet, Joel Weder, Steven Methot and Chris Gregg.

Rosaleen and David Gregory

Rosaleen and Dave love sharing the folk music and traditional balladry of the British Isles, to which they have added songs and stories from Canada and the USA. Rosaleen specializes in the ‘big ballads’ – the story-songs, sometimes with guitar accompaniment, more often a cappella. Dave plays clarinet, and will be accompanying Rosaleen in our concert. This year we’ll be performing a mix, from Appalachian ‘high lonesome’ to Elizabethan English, Irish ballads to Canadian songs from New Brunswick and Newfoundland, and one song by English composer Vaughan Williams - come and enjoy!  

Rosaleen and the Balladeers

Rosaleen is an Athabasca-based traditional singer, originally from England, with assorted British/Celtic ancestry. She recently made two CDs of British ballads, Sheath and Knife and Serpent’s Knee, with Calgary musicians John Leeder and Derek Lofthouse accompanying on banjo, mandolin, flute, pipes and hurdy-gurdy. Both CDs are for sale at the Festival.

Ballads tell stories: humorous, heart-breaking, romantic, powerful. From the CDs we have chosen this time to share story-songs of lost love, seduction, forced separation, elopement, and revenge, mingling Rosaleen’s vocals with the varied strains of John’s banjo and mandolin and the clarinet played by Rosaleen’s partner, Dave.


Sing Out

We’re gathering in the Church Events Centre to sing the festival to a close.  Come prepared to sing!

Six by Six

Named for the duo's two guitars, Six by Six plays acoustic folk and bluegrass music from the 1960s forward. Their fingerstyle, flatpicking and songwriting weave together like a basket, filled with stories for the heart. (Carol Bloor, Brian Howe)


Skullduggery (formerly Jiggery Pokery) are Steve McFarlane (guitar & lead vocals), Sandy Aberdeen (bass, vocals, whistle, harmonica), Jason Barry (accordion) and Mark Brooker (Cajon).


We will serve you up a dish of rollickin' tunes from Ireland, Newfoundland and a bit more. Come have a sing and dance with us!!!


Spitzee Post Band

Some of the best things in life are formed from disaster. Such is the case with The Spitzee Post Band, formed in High River Alberta, in the year of the great flood of 2013, when the music was washed away. A bunch of town musicians found that the music was still there. So after drying off the music, the only place left to play was the Sptizee Post bar in town, and what a fitting name for the band "Spitzee" (native for Higher Ground). With the love of folk, bluegrass, old timey, and killer new grass the "pied pipers" of High River Alberta have been on a quest to put energy and fun in their music, we like to call "Bluesgrass"! From the Calgary Stampede to festivals all over the west, spreading the love of music. Come give us a listen!

Sypher's Cove Band

Sypher's Cove is a Celtic/Folk group that plays traditional celtic along with modern music in a celtic style.  The group performed at Watervalley last year and really enjoyed the experience.  They have played at numerous venues in central Alberta since then.  This group is from Rocky Mountain House and has been performing for two years. The members include Mickey Dietz; John Gillis; Yvonne Hansen; Alandra Gillis and Gabriel Gillis. 


Tessitura brings an engaging texture to its music from the rich and varied experience of its members. Diverse musical backgrounds combine to create a unique sound incorporating folk, country, blues and traditional genres. We love to engage our audience, and we’ll throw in the occasional musical surprise to make you laugh, feel, tap your feet or sing along. Our music is inspired by tradition and has a timeless quality.

Tessitura features Doug Baker on vocals & guitar, Fiona McGinn on vocals, guitar, mandolin & ukulele, and Murray Little on bass.

The Bow Valley Fiddlers








Since the formation of The Bow Valley Fiddlers in 1991, this very talented group of amateur musicians, ranging from 7 to 18 years of age, has entertained thousands of people in and around the Calgary area.

The Bow Valley Fiddlers are a division of The Calgary Fiddlers Association, a non-profit organization whose mandate is the promotion and preservation of all forms of fiddling, with particular emphasis on Canadian styles. The association puts particular focus on achieving this goal by providing a performance format for young music students interested in the art of folk fiddling.

For more information please visit our website:

The Haymakers

The Haymakers are a Celtic group that performs East Coast, Prairie and Traditional Celtic music with vocal harmonies.  This group has been performing for about 12 years throughout Alberta and in Saskatchewan and hosts a Ceilidh at Rocky Mountain House each spring the week before St. Pattie's Day.


members of the group:  Louise Bruns, Mickey Dietz, Bobbie-Jo Douglas,  Kyla Eiffert, Yvonne Hanson, Alita Hermary, John Gillis, Neil Winchell

The Irish Cultural Society Choir (ICS)

Founded in Nov. 1994, the Irish Cultural Society Choir has now been entertaining around Calgary for 22 years! Our objective has remained constant over the years - to have fun and keep the old Irish songs alive. We have delved through & sung hundreds of old songs & airs and found that to date, we have only scratched the surface of available material!

This group has sung in clubs, pubs, homes, halls, airports, cathedrals & churches. At full head-count we now number about 50 hearty voices. We comprise 1st & 2nd generation Irish folk .. and some with no Irish connection at all. All are welcome!

We are one of the few groups that has entertained at Water Valley every single year since the start and we don’t plan on stopping!

Being a versatile group, we branched out into Pantomime a few years back and this has now become a staple at the annual Irish Christmas Concerts at the Calgary ICS Centre.

Music Director Anne Cowman handles arrangements & accompaniment and Joe Massey is Voice Coach & Conductor.

The Still Waters

The performances of The Still Waters (Dianne Quinton and Peter May have been described as heart opening and magical.   Equally comfortable in small intimate settings or large venues, Dianne and Peter connect with audiences through a combination of powerful songs infused with close soulful harmonies and evocative instrumentals. Their shows include original compositions and covers rooted in folk, country and blues.

The Waltzing Matildas

Val Hudson (vocals, percussion and clarinet) and Jamie Newsom (vocals and guitar)  perform a hard swinging country/jazz style of material largely from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  Always fresh, sometimes cheeky the Waltzing Matildas instill an entertaining upbeat energy into the audience. The “Matildas” perform largely in the Calgary area at cafes, restaurants and senior residences and at pubs with a full band lineup.

The Wayfarers

An eclectic array of instruments, and a collection of wayfaring folk and celtic songs.

Togaibh I Calgaraidh

St. Andrew-Caledonian Society.

Scottish Gaelic Choir. The repertoire is of Gaelic and English, showcasing many different styles and tempos of music. We also sing folk songs, some traditional airs, some modern arrangements.  We have on-going Gaelic lessons so no previous experience is required. We always welcome new members. 

Wee Jammed

Wee Jammed and then we rehearsed. Focusing on originals by Alex Koddo and Barry Hertz (mandolin, guitar and banjo), with Karen Pollock (flute and cello), we draw from a variety of genres. Barry (with 2 CD's to his credit) and Alex have had many years of performing, songwriting, arranging and improvising. Karen is learning to improvise (with help from the guys) and plays in folk, celtic, Klezmer and classical groups.